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Instajobasia.com designed for ESL Private Schools, Lanuage Institutes & Cram School in Taiwan & various jobs in China, Instajob Asia's mission is to simplify the hiring process through a transparent job-searching platform for both job seekers and employers in Asia, especially in the education sector. 

❤️3 highlighted features:

⚡️A Live Chat with employers/candidates

Ask questions, arrange interviews, get to know the school and its staff

⚡️Connecting with Friends

Meet and discover friends, look for language exchange, explore the community designed for teachers and anyone.

⚡️ Direct Communication Match

Avoid misinterpret, delayed responses, or any confusion brought to you by agents.

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🎯We understand You: 

Whether you're a qualified job seeker looking to start or continue a career in a country like China or Taiwan, or an employer in an Asian country searching for excellent candidates, you know how frustrating the process can be.

As a job seeker, perhaps you are struggling to make sense of all the options and information on the web. Looking for a job from a distance also adds a unique challenge.

As an employer, you're hoping to find the perfect person to staff your school or institute, but perhaps you're having a hard time finding someone who fits your requirements.


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Here is the best platform to provide a friendly environment for poeple who want to work in Asia or who want to hire foreign staff. On this platform, you could not just get a job or hire a suitable staff but make friends! We aim to connect you both directly and instantly.



No middle man, no misrepresentation, and no delay—just a clear, open path of communication.




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