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English teacher
Start date : 2021-11-01
Map : Taiwan
City : Taipei
Full time
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    (Taiwan) English teaching positions at KOJEN English Centers

    The KOJEN English Center was founded by Kenneth Hou in recognition of a compelling need to learn English in Taiwan in the 1980s. In partnership with English Language Services (ELS), the largest intensive English program in the U.S., in its first 20 years, KOJEN has now morphed into one of the most prestigious and trusted English institutes in Taiwan that has approximately 1000 teachers and staff and more than 40 branches located in Taipei, New Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung city.

    KOJEN offers a wide range of courses geared toward learners at all age levels—preschoolers, children, teenagers, and adults. KOJEN adopts a student-centered pedagogical approach by which teachers engage students in exploration of language choices and students incrementally piece together meaning from linguistic input, thereby sharpening linguistic sensitivity and using language with greater awareness. KOJEN’s well-developed curriculum caters to the needs of novice,
    in-service, as well as high-caliber teachers. In an effort to ensure the quality of teaching and learning, KOJEN has not been franchised.

    KOJEN offers:
    (1)highly competitive pay--a possibility of earning up to NT$60,000 or more per month, depending on qualifications and experience
    (2)a fringe benefit of NT$8,000 per year
    (3)a work permit and medical check subsidized by KOJEN
    (4)free airport pick-up
    (5)free accommodation for your first 7 days
    (6)health insurance
    (7)training and pedagogical support (teaching materials and curriculum provided)
    (8)incremental raises as you accumulate more teaching hours
    (9)COVID-induced reimbursement package

    (1)a bachelor’s degree
    (2)a minimum of one-year commitment
    (3)native English speakers with a passport from an English-speaking country
    (4)Taiwan government requires that all foreigners applying to work in Taiwan submit a NATIONWIDE “criminal record check” conducted by their passport issued country (for example, a FBI background check for US citizens and a RCMP background check for Canada citizens).

    To apply, please send your resume to kojenjobs@kojen-els.com.tw
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