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ESL and EFL teacher

ESL and EFL teacher
Start date : 2022-12-01
Map : Taiwan
City : Miaoli
Full time
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  • Sub catagory :
    Elementary, Junior High/ Senior High
  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Job details :
    We are Pantau (蟠桃國小) Branch of AMC Language School in Toufen, Miaoli. (You may google us to find more about our location). We are looking for a native English speaker to be our full-time teacher. Details are as follows:

    (1) AMC Language School, Pantau Branch
    (2) Location: we are near Pantau Elementary School, Miaoli.
    (3) We are looking for a full-time native English teacher who can start working with us soon as possible.
    (4) The monthly salary is NTD 50000 to 65000, depending on your teaching skills and experiences.
    (5) We provide at least 20 teaching hours per week. Additional compensation for admin hours and other occasional hours for school activities. Weekly work hours must fill 40.
    (6) We provide a work permit for the ARC. Those with an open work permit or APRC are very welcome.
    (7) We provide health insurance, labor insurance, and retirement pension.
    (8) Work involving teaching kids of ages between 7-13, including children’s English, junior high school English, and academic paper work.
    (9) Must be responsible and willing to communicate over matters of academic affairs and feedback from students and parents.
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