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CLN - Business English Teacher (Part-time) in Hsinchu

CLN - Business English Teacher (Part-time) in Hsinchu
Start date : 2024-04-09
Employer : CLN
Map : Taiwan
City : Hsinchu
Part time
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  • Sub catagory :
    Colleges/ Adults
  • Employment type :
    Part time
  • Job details :
    【Job Descriptions】
    • Designing courses, syllabuses, teaching materials for corporate training programs based on clients’ needs.
    • Participating in company meetings to develop, plan, and design teaching programs and activities.
    • Conducting either physical or online classes.

    • Teaching experience: 5 years or above in group/1-on-1 teaching
    • Due to the nature of this position being project-based, we are looking for applicants with an open work permit. If you possess any of the following certificates, you are welcome to apply:
    Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) / Taiwan Join Family Resident Visa (JFRV) / Taiwan Gold Card
    • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate (at least 120 hours)
    • TOEIC (950 or above) or TOEFL (110 or above)
    Other English certificates.

    【Personal Qualities】
    • Positive attitude at work and a passion for teaching.
    • Capable of managing timing and pace in the classroom.
    • Building a good working relationship with colleagues and following CLN’s code of conduct and ethics.

    • Hourly rate ranges from NTD 800 to 1,300
    • Transportation allowance is additional
    The salary of our teachers varies based on factors such as the case they are working on, their teaching abilities and skills, and their interview scores. We strive to provide competitive compensation to attract and retain top talent in our team.

    【Exclusive perks for CLN’s consultants】
    • Higher salary than the market average.
    • Accumulating teaching experiences at top 100 local and foreign well-known corporations in Taiwan.
    • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate your availability
    • Access to ongoing consultant training and networking events
    We welcome you to apply via hr@cln-asia.com
    Website: https://en.cln-asia.com/
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