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Teach English in Shenyang and get free Chinese lessons

Teach English in Shenyang and get free Chinese lessons
Start date : 2021-10-11
Employer : Saxoncourt
Map : China
City : Shenyang
Full time
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    Full time
  • Job details :
    - Teach students ages 3-14, 8-12 students per class.
    - 22 teaching hours per week, 2 consecutive days off.
    - 5 office hours per week (including prep time).
    - The job includes a maximum of 108 hours monthly (27 hours/week).

    Classes are set based on students’ ages and their English levels.

    The school uses its own teaching materials and will supply a basic training course for new teachers. Additional teacher training and research activities will be provided.

    Job Requirements

    - You have a passport from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada or the United States.
    - A bachelor degree.
    - A 120-hour TEFL certificate.
    - A clear criminal background.

    Salary and Benefits

    - Up to 18,000 RMB (2,790 USD) per month.
    - 22 days paid holiday and 5 additional unpaid personal days.
    - Health insurance.
    - Visa costs within China covered.
    - Free Mandarin lessons at an accredited language center (optional).
    - Arrival hotel costs covered.
    - Comprehensive training paid at 1,000 RMB per week.
    - Teaching Assistant with every class who will assist with marking homework, communicating with parents and classroom behavior.
    - 5,000 RMB (770 USD) return flight ticket reimbursement.
    - 3,000 RMB end of contract bonus.

    Apply Here

    For questions, send a message to applications@saxoncourt.com.

    Why Shenyang?

    Shenyang is an interesting city with a vibrant culture and many places to explore. There is a good balance between the East and the West. There are western-style supermarkets and restaurants, as well as Korea-town and the Muslim Food Street for a bit of adventure!

    Some of the famous tourist attractions include Beijing Park, Dongling Park and Commander Zhang’s Mansion. The Qipanshan International Scenic Area is the largest scenic area in Shenyang. It is a tourist resort with natural landscapes and forests as its main body, combining forest eco-tourism, ice and snow tourism, scenery tourism, holiday tourism, and historical sites.
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