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International Primary School Teacher in Nanjing

International Primary School Teacher in Nanjing
Start date : 2020-12-07
Employer : Saxoncourt
Map : China
City : Nanjing
Full time
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    Full time
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    Nanjing is as friendly and safe a place as one can find in China, and one of the better places to live in the country as it balances a high standard of living while not being overly expensive.

    • Teach English Math, English Language Arts, and Science.
    • Develop and prepare lesson plans, deliver classes in different ways such as project based learning, activities, and play.
    • Help manage and teach classes from 8-15 students.
    • Maximum 24 teaching hours per week.

    • Native Speakers.
    • Bachelor or above degree.
    • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate or 2 years teaching experience preferred.

    Salary and Benefits
    • 10-month contract.
    • Monthly salary 11,000-16,000 RMB after tax.
    • Free campus accommodation, Commissary card used to buy lunch, snacks, and daily need items (800 RMB per month).
    • All paid official holidays and 10 paid sick leave days, Winter Holiday paid (Usually 3-4 weeks).
    • 5000 RMB air ticket reimbursement.
    • Accident Insurance.
    • Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate provided.

    How to Apply

    For questions, send a message to applications@saxoncourt.com

    See more jobs (China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan). https://www.saxoncourt.com/english-teaching/jobs/
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