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CLETUS 52 (Male)   Ghana

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Age : 52
Gender : Male
Sub category : All ages
Start date : 2023-09-01
View : 793
  • Preferred job area :
  • Preferred job city :
  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Certifications :
    TESOL/TEFL, BA degree or above
  • Introduce yourself :
    Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to apply for English teaching appointment in your renowned school, through your high and good office. I am highly interested in teaching in your reputable school, and I am ready and prepared to teach students at any stage or level that I would be assigned to teach without any hesitation. I will also religiously follow the teaching and co-curricular schedules, and all other programmes, activities and events of the school. I am a professional graduate teacher and a certified TESOL teacher as well. I hold a Master of Teaching degree in History/Social Studies Education from the University of Brunei Darussalam in Brunei Darussalam, and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. Foundations) in History/Religious Studies from the University of Cape Coast. I also hold A-3 Year Post Secondary Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ in Social Studies/Life Skills from the St. Joseph’s College of Education, Bechem and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) from Opoku Ware School in Kumasi, Ghana. I became a staff of the Ghana Education Service from September 1999 to August 2010, when I left the Service to pursue further studies in Brunei Darussalam. I have rendered selfless service to the Ghana Education Service for over 15 years, and have taught in several schools and places in Ghana, and have accumulated a wide range of rich teaching experience both in and outside the traditional classroom environments which would make me an asset and a strong pillar of your renowned school. I possess the relevant pedagogical knowledge, skills, strategies, competencies and the capacity to make positive and meaningful impacts in your school when giving the opportunity. I am challenged by my professional training and teaching experience to be a creative, innovative, proficient, progressive, proactive, effective and a reflective 21st Century teacher. My philosophy of teaching is to create a loving, warm, friendly, conducive and enabling environment and atmosphere for learners to freely interact with teaching materials, tools and the environment in the teaching and learning process so that they can create and construct knowledge for themselves which they can be proud of as their own. I also believe in teaching students to learn how to learn on their own so that they can always learn on their own in the absence of the teacher as independent learners, and become lifelong learners. What makes me happy in a school is when there is a loving, friendly, warm, enabling and conducive teaching and learning, and social environment and atmosphere to operate, and where all the prerequisite teaching and learning materials/resources are readily available to enable me to engage my students in an effective and efficient teaching and learning process and engagement in order to maximized students’ learning outcomes and to accomplish set targets and teaching objectives. What is important to me, is to be able to accomplish my teaching objectives by maximizing students learning outcomes and engaging them in an effective and efficient teaching and learning process in order to impart in them relevant and functional knowledge and skills which would enable them to acquire competencies in the 4 language skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. And to be able to make positive, remarkable and meaningful impacts in my students, colleague staff members, parents and the school as a whole. As a self-motivated and a hardworking young teacher, it is my goal to combine my wide range of rich teaching experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and intelligent teacher to make positive contributions your school, and help move it to the next level. I am quite confident and optimistic without any doubt or reservation that I will prove myself effectively, meet set targets and live up to expectations, and to help uplift, fulfill and accomplish the vision and mission of your renowned and reputable school. Please, kindly find attached my CV/Resume, cover letter, copy of my international passport and all the other requested documents for your kind attention and pursuance. I am counting on your usual co-operation and assistance and soliciting your kind consideration and approval. Thank you in advance. Yours faithfully, Cletus Solomon.
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