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Ruben 33 (Male)   Philippines

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Ruben Domaoan
Age : 33
Gender : Male
Sub category : Colleges/ Adults, Junior High/ Senior High
Start date : 2022-12-01
View : 172
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  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Certifications :
    Gov't issued license
  • Introduce yourself :
    Hello! I am Ruben Patanao Domaoan Jr, currently living in the Philippines. I have been in the academe since 2010. I am a graduate of Master of Arts in Teaching major in Social Sciences. I taught various level such as upper elementary, junior high school, senior high school as well as college. I love watching historical movies, documentaries and digging into facts. Plating badminton and volleyball are my sports whenever I have free time as well as cooking.
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