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Giselle 33 (Female)   Philippines

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Giselle Esquivel
Age : 33
Gender : Female
Sub category : Elementary, Junior High/ Senior High, Kindergarden
Start date : 2023-08-01
View : 191
  • Preferred job area :
  • Preferred job city :
  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Certifications :
    Gov't issued license, BA degree or above
  • Introduce yourself :
    I am Giselle Esquivel, 32 years old from Cabuyao City, Laguna, Philippines. I am writing to express my strong intention to apply for a teaching position in Taiwan. Having a deep passion for education and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on young minds, I am excited to contribute my skills and experience to your institution. I have completed my bachelor`s degree in Elementary Education at Laguna University. Throughout my academic journey, I have been exposed to various teaching methodologies and have gained practical experience through internships and volunteer work as a teacher of Summer Pre-Kindergarten Program of Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ). This has allowed me to develop a solid foundation in instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, and curriculum development. I have been teaching for almost three years and my recent job is at Sts. Paul & Mark School as elementary teacher. I have had the privilege of working with diverse groups of students. This has provided me with valuable insights into different learning styles, abilities, and cultural backgrounds. I am adept at tailoring my teaching methods to suit individual needs and promoting a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters student engagement and growth. I am looking forward to working and teaching in an educational institution that values education, culture, and its educators. An educational institution with a healthy working environment, provides support and training for the professional growth of teachers, and has the continuous goal of providing the best education for its students. 
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