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Lilibeth 30 (Female)   Philippines

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Lilibeth Barsolaso
Age : 30
Gender : Female
Sub category : All ages
Start date : 2024-01-01
View : 77
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  • Preferred job city :
  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Certifications :
    Gov't issued license, BA degree or above
  • Introduce yourself :
    Hi, I'm Lilibeth from the Philippines. I'm a teacher with more than six years of experience teaching English to students from grade 7 to grade 10. Over the last couple of years, I have mastered the art of teaching students both online and face-to-face. I have comprehensive knowledge of handling subject matters and curriculum development. Since teaching and online teaching are not a novelty for me, I am positive that I will contribute to the students learning success immediately. Moreover, I see myself fitting right into the system, owing to my knowledge of making excellent use of technological tools and resources to deliver class instruction.
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