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Breinilen 43 (Female)   Philippines

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Breinilen Gariando
Age : 43
Gender : Female
Sub category : All ages
Start date : 2020-07-01
View : 829
  • Preferred job area :
  • Preferred job city :
  • Employment type :
    Full time
  • Certifications :
    TESOL/TEFL, BA degree or above
  • Introduce yourself :
    I'm a qualified TEFL teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. I have experience teaching English to Japanese professionals where I've been highly rated from them in my ability to teach the subject. I am now looking to relocate to Taiwan to teach English in a cram school or language school. I have a neutral accent from living overseas and through a British education. I am great with people and love to bring energy and positivity to my classes. I would highly appreciate the chance to speak in detail about myself to the hiring management. Thank you very much for taking the time to look through my profile.
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