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Gina Alquisola says:


2023-02-11 20:23:02

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Ben Chasi says:

Dedicated and passionate individual for the education sector

2023-01-17 06:57:13

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Simiso Zwane says:

Looking for teaching post for year 2023

2023-01-10 16:50:53

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Nomfundo Hypercia Magagula says:

Dear Instajob Asia

I am a 34 year old lady, by the name Nomfundo Hypercia Magagula, from the Kingdom of Eswatini. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities from the University of Eswatini, whereby I majored in English Language and Literature, Geography, Environmental Science and Planning. Considering the 8 years of teaching experience that I have had with teaching in the Kingdom of Eswatini, I think my expertise would be beneficial in helping young ones in another part of the world. In my years of teaching, I developed so much passion; just the love for children and education is mind-blowing, hence I am more than willing to come abroad for teaching. Also, it has always been at the back of my mind that it would be lovely to learn different cultures through mingling with a different part of the world, so coming abroad would definitely be a dream come true.

To view my self-introduction and teaching demo video, please send me a viewing request for my google drive saved videos on the following links:

Kind regards,
Nomfundo Hypercia Magagula

2022-12-30 13:23:56

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Kurt Keffers says:

To whom this may concern:
I am Kurt Keffers, a vibrant and energetic 38 year old single male, from South Africa. I am fluent in 3 Languages namely English(native), Afrikaans(native), and German.
I am available with immediate effect, and recently graduated my Level 5 TEFL Diploma. I have a real passion for teaching, and interacting with all types of races. In my spare time I love travelling, reading and music.

Looking forward to teaching at whatever institution that needs my skills.
Best Wishes
Your faithfully: Kurt Keffers

2022-12-08 18:25:28

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