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Stephen Micheals says:


2021-09-18 04:25:20

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Christian Palmer says:

Very easy and logical application setup.

2021-09-16 08:25:35

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This is Dave Patrick from my email account ( I use for your site.
I would like you to delete my account please.
I am no longer teaching and returning home, thank you!!

2021-03-04 11:41:45

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Caitlin Marshall says:

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a hard-working, passionate, driven individual who has been in the education field for over 6 years. I have immense experience in the following areas: environmental outreach programs for primary schools, advanced horse riding instructor, assistant teacher in a 3-6 Montessori pre-school and an online English teacher for 3 different companies, including Likeshuo, Schola and HeyTalk.

I work hard each day to achieve my goals, one of them being able to work overseas in schools where I can help children reach theirs. I truly believe that if we are to make any difference in this world, we need to start looking after our children and equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

This is why I want to be able to work overseas, so that I can learn about different cultures and do my best to pass on the knowledge that I have gained thus far.

2020-12-14 16:22:31

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soham chowdhury says:

Master of Arts in South &South East Asia
University of Calcutta -
Kolkata, West Bengal.
Bachelor of Arts- with Honours in Political Science.
University of Calcutta,
Kolkata, West Bengal.
Research / Professional Exposure
Yunan University – (Ford Fellowship)
Kunming, CN
Diversity and Global Communication
Hannam University, Daejon, South Korea (University exchange Program- Full Scholarship)
Short Term Research Scholar
California State University.California
-:Academic Project & Research experience:-
• America's Policy on Asia after the Cold War.
(A Research Project at California State University).
• Change of Leadership in China.
(A Research Project under Observer Research Group-Delhi)
• Status of women in south Asia.
(A Research Project at Hannam University)
• Violence against women.
(A Research Project at Hannam University).
• Eliminating Violence against women-ICKBI.
( A Research Project at Yunan University, China).
(A Research Project at Hannam University)
Links:- ///
linkedin Profile-

2020-11-26 23:25:00

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